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How Much Does Rubbish Removal Cost in Lancashire?

Are you fed up with the clutter and waste lying in your backyard or your workplace? It's essential to get rid of waste material timely, but the question arises that how much does rubbish removal cost in Lancashire?

Skip Hire Lancashire is a rubbish removal company in Lancashire. We are here to provide reliable and efficient skip hire and waste removal services in Lancashire and the surrounding areas. We offer competitive prices for all our services, but the cost of rubbish removal can vary based on several factors.

Waste Types

The type of waste you need to get rid of affects the cost of rubbish removal. Different waste types have varying disposal fees due to their difficulty and danger level. For example, if you need to dispose of hazardous waste, such as clinical waste or asbestos, the cost would be relatively high. On the other hand, regular household waste or garden waste may cost less.

Skip Hire Lancashire offers a comprehensive range of waste disposal services. We can help you dispose of general waste, construction waste, soil, rubble, wood, and more.

Rubbish Removal Services

The type of rubbish removal service you select has a significant impact on the cost. Different services are charged differently based on the level of service required. Here are some services and the average cost:

Skip Hire

Skip Hire is one of the most popular and efficient ways of getting rid of bulky waste. The cost of hiring a skip in Lancashire depends on its size, the length of the hire period, and the type of waste. The cost of hiring a mini skip (2-yard) for one week would start from 80. The cost would rise for a large skip (14-yard) and for a more extended hire period.

Skip Hire Lancashire offers an extensive range of skip sizes to cater to your waste removal requirements.

Man and Van

Man and Van service is suitable for smaller waste removal requests. The cost of Man and Van service depends on the amount and type of waste. On average, the service starts from 60.

Skip Hire Lancashire provides a Man and Van service for small and medium-sized waste volume.

House Clearance

House clearance service is suitable for disposing of a considerable amount of waste accumulated at your accommodation. The cost of house clearance varies based on the size and state of your property, and the type of waste generated. On average, the service starts from 300.

Skip Hire Lancashire offers complete house clearance service, which may include clearing out furniture, appliances, and other waste materials.

Wait and Load

Wait and Load service allows you to hire a skip for a designated period, where a team of specialists will promptly pick up the waste once you have loaded the bin. The cost of Wait and Load service starts from 120.

Skip Hire Lancashire offers a Wait and Load service for your convenience and easy rubbish removal.

Other factors

The cost of rubbish removal can also vary based on other factors, such as location and volume of waste.


The cost of rubbish removal may vary based on your location in Lancashire. If you are located in remote areas or require special permissions, the cost may be slightly more. On the other hand, if you are situated in a more populated location, the price may be relatively low.

Volume of Waste

The volume of waste you need to dispose of would also decide the cost. The more waste generated, the higher the cost. Additionally, the weight of waste also affects the cost. Heavier waste would be relatively expensive than light waste.

Skip Hire Lancashire provides a weight and load calculator to assess how much your waste volume would cost.


In conclusion, the cost of rubbish removal depends on various factors such as waste type, service type, location, and size of the waste. The cost of hiring professional rubbish removal services in Lancashire can vary between 60 to 500.

Skip Hire Lancashire provides affordable services and is a reliable and trusted rubbish removal company. Contact us on 01772 382076 or email us at [email protected] for more information on our services or visit our website at

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